What is Reactor

Reactor is an optimized yield platform built to boost rewards on Terra, with a simple and easy to use interface. By maximizing the benefit of VE-structure, Reactor can help increase the liquidity of the whole Terra ecosystem.

Our first stage will be focused on integrating with Astroport and Anchor. We will continue expanding our support to more Terra projects in the near future.

Optimized Liquidity Farming

Astroport pool LPs farm ASTRO through the ASTRO Generators will earn trading fees and boosted ASTRO without locking ASTRO (vxASTRO) themselves.

We also believe ASTRO stakers should be rewarded more as they are, in effect, farming together with liquidity providers. We intend to change that with Reactor by charging a minimal performance fee and returning fees back to the ASTRO stakers and RCT token holders.


The VE-structure has revolutionized the Defi governance paradigm, and we will give maximum governance support for different projects.

As a holder of vxASTRO, veANC, and multiple veToken of other projects in the future, Reactor will participate in these voting procedures, and these voting rights are passed to vote locked RCT (vlRCT) holders.

To make it straightforward for vlRCT holders and vote buyers who are interested in gaining voting power, Reactor offers a marketplace for vote buyers that try to vote for incentives optimally, in turn giving vlRCT holders the best returns.

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