Reactor Token (RCT)


  • Total Supply: 100 million

  • 6% Investors

    1-year cliff, vested over two years. Our seed round with Hashed, Delphi Ventures, & GT Capital represents 3%. We are reserving an additional 3% for future investors and potential strategic partners

  • 8.5-13.5% Big Bang Event

    100% of ASTRO and other veToken investment funds used to pre-seed boost will be locked forever. UST gained from the Big Bang event would be used to increase Reactor strategic reserve as $ASTRO, $ANC, and tokens of other potential projects. An extra 5% will be included as a reward for The Big Bang event if certain thresholds are met. Otherwise, what is left of the 5% will be returned as Astroport Farming Rewards.

  • 60-65% Farming Rewards

    • 30%-35% Astroport Rewards

      Rewarded pro-rata for ASTRO received on Reactor. Including reASTRO farming and Astroport LP farming

    • 15% Reserved Rewards

      Rewarded pro-rata for Anchor and other future ve-Structure Projects on Terra

    • 15% Reactor Liquidity Mining

      Distributed over 4 years. (Incentive programs, currently RCT/UST and reASTRO/xASTRO, etc. )

  • 10% Treasury

    Vested over 1 year. Used for future incentives and community-driven activities

  • 10% Team

    1-year cliff, vested over 2 year

  • 0.5% Airdrop

    Airdrop for Terra Ecosystem Supporters

reASTRO is the Reactor’s new derivative token at the rate of 1 reASTRO per xASTRO

RCT Minted Method Based On ASTRO

RCT is minted whenever Reactor collects ASTRO reward from Astroport. This includes all LP pools and reASTRO pool.

Mint formula

The amount of RCT minted is determined pro-rata for how many ASTRO tokens were collected as rewards through Reactor, with the ASTRO to RCT ratio increasing as RCT supply increases (max 35 million).

let cliffSize = 175000 * 1e6;
let cliffCount = 20;
let maxSupply = 35000000 * 1e6;

function mintRCT(uint128 rctTotalSupply, uint128 astroCollected) {
    //get current cliff
    let currentCliff = Math.floor(rctTotalSupply / cliffSize);

    //if current cliff is under the max
    if (currentCliff < cliffCount) {
        //get remaining cliffs
        let remaining = cliffCount - currentCliff;
        let ratio = cliffCount / remaining + 0.5 * currentCliff;
        var rctToMint= astroCollected / ratio;

        //double check we have not gone over the max supply
        var amountTillMax = maxSupply - rctTotalSupply;
        if (rctToMint> amountTillMax) {
            rctToMint= amountTillMax;
        return rctToMint;
    return 0;

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