Authorship. These documents and information (the “Repository”) have been authored by Reactor.

Informational Purposes Only; No Warranties. The Repository is only a presentation of information regarding certain technologies. The statements contained in the Repository do not provide any advice, representation, warranty, certification, guarantee or promise relating to these technologies, any uses thereof or any of the other matters discussed in the Repository, nor does the Repository provide an offer or agreement to make such technologies available, maintain or update such technologies, or sell or buy any asset or enter into any transaction. You should not rely on the Repository as a basis for making any financial or other decision.

No Governmental/Regulatory Review or Approval. The Repository and the matters described in the Repository have not been reviewed, approved, endorsed or registered with any regulator or other governmental entity, and the authors of the Repository are not licensed by any regulator or other authority to provide any legal, financial, accounting, investment or other advice or services.

Uncertain Nature of Forward-Looking Statements; No Duty to Update. The forward-looking statements in the Repository are subject to numerous assumptions, risks and uncertainties, and thus the events described or predicted therein are subject to change or to fail to occur in accordance therewith. We undertake no obligation to update, supplement or amend any statement that becomes inaccurate or incomplete after the date on which the Repository is first published, or to alert the public as to any such inaccuracy or incompleteness, whether such inaccuracy or incompleteness arises as a result of new information we receive, changes of our plans, unanticipated events or otherwise.

Experimental Technology. The technologies and assets described in the Repository are highly experimental and risky, have uncertain and potentially volatile value, and should be directly evaluated by experts in blockchain technologies before use. Use them solely at your own risk.

No Ongoing Management. Consistent with the goals of community governance described in the Repository, after the public launch of Reactor, Reactor and its members and service providers should not be expected to have a material ongoing role in Reactor maintenance, research, development or promotion. Reactor and its members have not dedicated capital specifically to future Reactor development and have no plans to raise capital dedicated specifically to Reactor maintenance or development.

Builder REACTOR Allocations & Lack of Ongoing Governance and Management. Reactor is not making any representation, promise, guarantee or assurance that any RCT granted to its members or service providers, or any funding or resources of the members, will be held, used or spent for the benefit of the Reactor community. Any sale or other transfer or distribution of RCT tokens by Reactor or its members or service providers could occur without warning. Any such transaction would increase the circulating supply of RCT tokens. Depending on the number of RCT sold, transferred or distributed, the terms of sale, transfer or distribution and the prevailing market conditions, such a sale, transfer or other distribution could have a material adverse effect on the price or value of, or demand for, RCT tokens.

The members of the Reactor and their service providers will hold a substantial amount of RCT. Any use of such RCT to vote could affect governance outcomes. The members and service providers of Reactor are not promising to participate or to refrain from participating in Reactor governance, whether by voting $reASTRO, $RCT, or $vlRCT, or otherwise. Reactor and its members and service providers are not promising that, if any of them do participate in Reactor governance, they will vote in any particular way, observe any standard of care or act in the best interests of Reactor users, RCT holders or any other persons. Reactor or its members or service providers could have financial interests or other interests or incentives which could outweigh their respective interests and incentives (if any) relating to Reactor.

Members and service providers of Reactor who hold RCT and choose to participate in governance will be required to use their own personal independent discretion and decision-making in doing so. Reactor and its members will not direct, manage or control how its members and service providers participate in Reactor governance. As a result of the foregoing factors and the lack of any person or group of persons able to control and manage Reactor any discretionary decision-making related to Reactor depends on the effectiveness of spontaneous group decision-making among participating reASTRO, RCT, and vlRCT holders. There may be disputes, differences of opinion, disagreements, conflicting incentives and a lack of extrinsic coordination among or between any or all governance participants, and such circumstances may adversely affect governance results.

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