Reactor for ASTRO Stakers

Reactor rewards ASTRO stakers with a share of the boosted ASTRO on the Reactor platform making it an ideal destination for those who wish to stake ASTRO whilst remaining liquid.

Deposit ASTRO in the platform. This ASTRO is locked forever, receiving 1:1 the reASTRO token. Stake reASTRO on the platform:

  • All normal vxASTRO rewards are distributed to the stakers

  • Receive a share (10%) of platform fees in ASTRO

  • Receive the Reactor platform’s native token (RCT) pro rata for each ASTRO you receive

  • The stakers can exchange reASTRO for ASTRO at anytime using the incentivized reASTRO/ASTRO liquidity pool in Astroport

In order to bootstrap liquidity for both ASTRO and reASTRO tokens, liquidity providers for ASTRO/reASTRO pool in Astroport Generators will receive dual farming rewards, receiving both ASTRO and RCT tokens as rewards

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